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All War is Obsolete

by John Burch
(Mountain View, Ca, USA)

All war is obsolete... conventional war, nuclear war, justified war, UN Security Council Resolution backed war - ALL WAR. War should be spelled: JPMMMMM for Justified, Pre-Meditated, Mechanized, Mutual, Mass, Murder. We need to move beyond war.

As I listen to CNN and other media, the rhetoric of "taking him out", "neutralizing the enemy", and "casualties" makes me wonder how long it will take for humanity to get it: THE INSTITUTION OF WAR IS NO LONGER A SUCCESSFUL MEANS FOR CREATING LONG-TERM SECURITY.

How powerful our habits are -- how inertial our social customs have become.

We need to move beyond war. All war. Now!

Nations don't attack other nations - human beings from one country attack everyone on Earth.

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Mar 22, 2011
War Since Time Immemorial?
by: John Burch

Hi Kumar,

I agree with most of what you have written about war, with these two exceptions:

First, I believe Home Sapiens is around 200,000 years old. The institution of war is less than 10,000 years old... and, in its current form, maybe less than 5000 years old. Planned military war did not occur when humans were hunter-gatherers. It only started when we planted crops, bred and kept livestock, and became landowners.

So, I suggest that, rather than being "immemorial", it is, in reality, quite temporary -- taking up less than 5% of our species' time on Earth.

My second comment has to do with the "Survival of the Fittest" idea, which is attributed to Darwin, but which was actually first coined by Herbert Spencer. The important point here is not who said it first. It is that both Spencer and Darwin were NOT talking about fitness, as in strength. Rather, they were talking about fitness, as in adaptation to the pre-existing context, like a hand fitting to a pre-manufactured glove. This is a critical difference, because it means we need to see what is being asked of us first, before we act. Feminine principle first, masculine second.

At this moment in time, I believe our lovely planet is being tested -- challenged if you will, to adapt to the universal principle of oneness. The context - our universe, is a single, multi-form, emerging, energy event. We are all birthed into this context and are totally subject to its principles, laws and design. We act as if we can author the rules, and behave as though nothing matters. If we do NOT adapt, the Earth will not make the next transition, and we will most likely die off. If we DO see and act correctly in time, we will survive.

I believe the see/act that is needed now is to realize the futility of war, and to move beyond it. I call this adaptation to oneness.

Let's hope we make this shift in thinking before it's too late!

Mar 21, 2011
All war is obsolete
by: Kumar

John, However much I am with you in agreeing that War is Not the answer, I cannot help but wonder that war has been waged since time immemorial....

War has been waged in the name of Love-Cleopatra,
War has been waged in the name of Religion, War has been waged in the name of ideologies, philosophies, War has been waged in the name of Liberty, our values... So to sum up, War has always been a common thread, one way or the other.

My observation has been this ... It is a Law of Physics that Two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Everything on this Planet earth, Living as well as Non-Living things are somehow bound to this Idea of war. For example, if a Chair has occupied some space, If another chair wants it's place, the second chair has to push the first chair out of it's place.. Is it the concept of war ? If a Bee is minding it's business of making honey, you disturb it, it will disturb you in its own way... is it the concept of war ? If the mother bird protecting it's nest is approached by either another bird or human, it will react in defense to protect itself and the young ones .. Is the bird waging a war ?

So, human beings who are an integral part of this Planet just like the Birds, the Bees, and everything else are also engulfed in this concept of war just like the Birds and Bees I talked above.

So war or whatever the word you want to use, has blanketed us all. I am afraid this mentality will go on as Darwin put it " Survival of the Fittest". There will be distinction between the Strong and Not-so-strong, Rich and poor, Ugly and Beautiful, Tall and short..... Until this distinction exists, the concept of War will prevail. ----- Kumar

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