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The Collective Hero

This video is about something entirely new.

It has never existed on earth before.

It is totally unique.

And, it is required, now, if we are going to survive.

What is it?

The Collective Hero.

Over recorded history, we have had many stories about change, and the human response.

We've heard of earthquakes, ice ages, the plague, volcanic eruptions, and even global wars.

In all of this, our species, homo sapiens, has always managed to survive.


By taking creative initiative whenever needed.

By innovating.

And by facing the challenges of the day with heroism and courage.

In our culture, we have a myth to describe this response to crisis.

It is sometimes called "The Hero's Journey."

Each of us has to travel this path. 

Learn from our losses.

And become more able to see what to do next.

And, ultimately, after many aspects of this journey, such as our family, our education, our marriages and our careers, we often "return" to our essence and "come home," as they say.

So what does this have to do with this moment in time, and, specifically with the climate crisis?

Just this.

What we need to become is a global community.

And, with it, we need to become heroic again.

Only this time, and this is why this is so unique, we need to become...

Collectively Heroic!

Right now, at this moment on earth, we need to emerge a new entity - the collective hero.

And that "hero" is us.

All of us.

Working together.

To see love with "new eyes."

And to become as wise and loving as the system that produced us.

The climate crisis is pressuring us to become this.

If we do, we will have a chance.

If we don't, we will have no chance... or, maybe a slight chance, with unfathomable suffering along the way.

The choice is ours.

The outcomes are mutually exclusive.

And, for better or worse, its "now or never."


Working together we CAN make a difference!

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