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  1. I am one, with the Father. (And: "I am one with the Father")
  2. The axes shift
  3. Need a name for the move to Radical New Thinking. Maybe RNT.
  4. e=mcC
  5. 1:5000 disadvantage
  6. Trip from Santa Monica to Maine
  7. Hubble my hero
  8. Our problem is ignorance
  9. Soul, mind, hearth, strength.
  10. Stick figures
  11. Hero's journey
  12. Party train
  13. Group think
  14. Context
  15. Solders rights
  16. Universe as planet nursery
  17. Noozoic Era has begun- standing on the beach - tide
  18. JPL story
  19. It is, I am, we are.
  20. Tucas and Pirc
  21. Relationship as resource for security
  22. The problem is among us
  23. Love as prevailing human function
  24. Culture that works for the benefit of all life.
  25. Earth patriotism
  26. Veering instinct
  27. LoveShift
  28. Global Community
  29. GIFTS
  30. Restitution
  31. All is One as blueprint for survival
  32. Relationship as master organizing principle of cosmos
  33. Big three: Bomb, Earth from Space, Internet
  34. "Inherit eternal life"
  35. Reprogramming the noosphere
  36. Life of a silica atom
  37. One source, one light, one energy, one consciousness, one love
  38. PAIR
  39. Level of concern
  40. New wine and old wine skins
  41. Mysterium tremendum
  42. Collective mysticism, distributed functionality, human array
  43. Time - what it DOES
  44. Power greater, discover love, surrender and learn from resistance
  45. Hybrid - TUCAS and PIRC
  46. Jesus vs now. Same fundamental issues, but now world risk
  47. Beyond war
  48. War is obsolete
  49. God, Love, Totality, Spirit, Truth
  50. Hero as host
  51. Hourglass - right timing.
  52. Danger and opportunity
  53. What is our problem? Old thinking!
  54. Universe as single, multiform, emerging, energy event.
  55. Has design, trajectory, conditions for matriculation.
  56. National geographic / solar system / ball point pen.
  57. Be open.
  58. Big C explains the Universe!!!
  59. Everything is a conversation!
  60. Seeing new landscapes
  61. Resistance is our friend.
  62. All the energies and wavelengths we can't see in a room.
  63. Hubble insight - 
  64. Einstein - matter is frozen energy.
  65. The plank length - time and space cease to exist
  66. Letter to your children, I will never see you again...
  67. Fritz - structural tension
  68. Slinky and wineglass
  69. Blue and yellow make green - and to love the green.
  70. Brian Swimme - story of "Not been here long enough."
  71. Every blade of grass, etc. All done what we have not done.
  72. Worldview -> Thinking -> Actions -> Outcomes -> Culture
  73. I matter - Absence of independence - Tom Reynolds.
  74. Examples of groupthink - NYT crosswords puzzle, etc.
  75. Space genocide
  76. Carl Sagan - Earth is where we make our stand.
  77. Eleanore Roosevelt - If we want to live, we have to talk.
  78. 2+2=4, 2+2=5.
  79. Emelia Rathbun, Virginia Fitton.
  80. Margaret Mead
  81. Walk through time - Sid Leabis
  82. Salt map
  83. Normalcy bias - don't be normal!
  84. Systems have 3 conditions.. esp nonlinearity and delay.
  85. No such thing as race -- skin color sensitivity from Africa
  86. Prisoners, sports, war.
  87. Troops, boots on the ground, collateral damage.
  88. Bob Gaunt: Countries don't attach countries, people from one country attach everyone on Earth.
  89. Indifference is genocide.
  90. Wisdom myths: Cain and Able
  91. Feminine principle must proceed.
  92. Jesus added mind
  93. Great Paradox
  94. Who so ever hath, to him shall be given
  95. Let your eye be single
  96. Narrow gate
  97. Being meek - like the moon, enchanted with Earth
  98. Gratitude - for Earth, life, time, space, gravity, oxygen, photosynthesis, trees, water, love.
  99. Love exists!
  100. Pi - never resolved - as a symbol.
  101. If you will open and look at the world, you will suffer - DF
  102. Seemore.
  103. Rat and rose
  104. Chalice meditation - key.
  105. The titanium wall = the asymptote. 
  106. Life is not guaranteed
  107. Murphy's law - what can go wrong, will go wrong.
  108. Creative Initiative - even so, not justice.
  109. Creative minority - 7% - 490 million people. Facebook = 1.2 billion - Michael Jackson.
  110. The content from the GMS video - can't have regional security if we don't have global security.
  111. Brown water - PJ
  112. Earthlings in a trance, like holocaust
  113. Humans as new asteroid.
  114. AMR
  115. Response - ability.
  116. Content from two CIF videos.
  117. Content from VF and BS PAIR videos
  118. Level of concern.
  119. 5 orders of magnitude to get 10,000 advantage to offset the 5000:1 disadvantage.
  120. Online computer for e=mcC = China, tape, infinity.
  121. Reptilian brain, cerebral cortex - Sequence.
  122. Neanderthals - we are 4% of them - interbreeding.
  123. P = perpetual, permanent, purpose
  124. To have a mission or to be on a mission, or to become that mission.
  125. The rope experience from Living on the Edge of Evolution
  126. You have a voice, what is your voice saying?
  127. Curiosity
  128. Truth, beauty, goodness
  129. "In the absence of gratitude, a patient cannot be completely sane"
  130. Symbols, practices, meditation, money, mindsets.
  131. Alan Watts - snake story.
  132. Human's can change the formula of cat food... something special.
  133. God must have trusted us. Now, redefine instinct and freedom.
  134. The institution of war = 10,000 years old at most.
  135. Worldview 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.
  136. Faces of the enemy - Sam Keen
  137. Lust and anger ; not in the present.
  138. Jesus never talking about the afterlife!
  139. KOM and KOG
  140. Will - did anyone accidentally take a shower today? We will ourselves through the day.
  141. Can't trust the Russians. Our problem.
  142. Terrorism and terrorists. Yes, But I don't choose terror as a fear-based response.
  143. Detachment - to not NEED anything.
  144. We all get exactly what we want in this world. ER
  145. Intend - story of Diane and me with Emilia.
  146. Intend - first time you really know you intend to clean out the garage is when you find yourself out there on Saturday moving boxes around.
  147. Every war is a holy war.
  148. Memes - virus of the mind (author)
  149. What is culture? Why is it the key?? CRITICAL
  150. Richard at Hurlbut's class. How is the world doing?
  151. Duane Elgen - child, adolescent, adult, elder?
  152. Admitting "us" to hospital: well, ill, critical, terminal?
  153. The FedEx experiment.
  154. Shockly at Stanford: the bus/knife story.
  155. "Radical" - surprised at the definition.
  156. Margaret Wheatley - they have nothing to lose.
  157. Parents as first metaphor for God.
  158. Marriage as gymnasium of the soul.
  159. "You are my teacher." Teacher for what.
  160. Surrender - to raise up.
  161. Relevant - to raise up, like a relief map.
  162. Theme of the play, goal of the scene.
  163. Elizabethan theater - climax in the middle of the third act. Comedy or Tragedy.
  164. No one will do this for us. We each have to see with new eyes.
  165. Love: what can you do? SHARE IT!
  166. Kid in High School - gets into Cal or Stanford.
  167. Limited identifications - the source of war.
  168. Under no conditions shall ye hate or kill.
  169. Change from cambiare, being to Exchange.
  170. Emergence
  171. Entropy - deck of cards
  172. Empathy.
  173. To have or to be - Eric Fromm
  174. I am here, I am here, I am life, eternal life - Victor Frankel
  175. Quote from Mother Teresa
  176. Quote from Ann Frank
  177. Quote from Adolf Hitler
  178. Quote from Martin Luther King
  179. The work of Martin Hellman - Russian roulette
  180. The BB's.
  181. Alternatives to War - video, twelve. 1% of Military Budget.
  182. US President - philosopher king - Plato. Global Interest, flag, color of the White House.
  183. Limits - water plant, cut off finger. 
  184. What is good for life.
  185. Star of David
  186. Christ Star.
  187. "Always more" - Emilia Rathbun.
  188. The amazing electron.
  189. "What does your watch measure?" Time. Oh, really?
  190. Questions, dialogue, conversations that matter. 
  191. Jigsaw puzzle - vision of the future - some pieces missing. 
  192. Meaning.
  193. Microscope - created due to a need.
  194. Ask, seek, knock.
  195. We can't fix our way out of this fix - JB
  196. All is one as context, love as response
  197. Survival of the fittest - Darwin. "Fit" as adapted, like a hand into a pre-manufactured glove.
  198. Becoming as wise and loving as the system that produced us.
  199. We collapse the probability wave - Scholenger
  200. Consciousness as independent variable now. Future depends on it.
  201. Consciousness as the new habitat.
  202. Dialogue is action.
  203. We are enculturated.
  204. Civil war as example of difficulty of moving group thinking.
  205. Looking vs seeing.
  206. Butterfly effect,,, everything matters.
  207. Control = counter- roll.
  208. Fixing the problem -> oscillation. Chews up the landscape.
  209. Functional fixedness. Hammer as paperweight.
  210. Story of Gandhi saying get the key from your neighbor.
  211. Holarchy - Ken Wilbur
  212. Humans as transformative agents for change.
  213. Iceberg
  214. Love as the new algorithm
  215. Maintain a spirit of goodwill
  216. Not pose an enemy
  217. Meatloaf story / Denture story
  218. No blame - same root as blastphemy.
  219. Normalcy bias
  220. One earth, one humanity, one spirit
  221. Our highest nature - Aristotle
  222. Only life can lay claim to uninterrupted continuity - Bernard Lown.
  223. ***** sensing, that lady
  224. Refocussing consciousness for positive social change.
  225. Seeds
  226. So what?
  227. The human is determinative now.
  228. Thought has power.
  229. Three dispensations from Guide to Fulfillment
  230. Three levels of blindness: reptilian brain, personal enculturation, social enculturation, even the media -- and the mystical enculturation - hidden group mind (HGM).
  231. Three rules of evolution: Goal of life is survival, future belongs to those organisms with a fitness for change, environment determines which changes are good for life.
  232. Universe has trajectory!
  233. I will resolve all conflict, I won't use violence.
  234. We need each other, and we need diversity.
  235. What does it mean to love?
  236. What is love? What does love do?
  237. What does blame do?
  238. What is the goal of life? Happiness? Possessions? 
  239. Woven into the very fabric of the universe - embedded, not like a marble in a balloon, or a raisin in great - more like a parent in their family.
  240. One mile from the beach.
  241. Next 50-100 years.
  242. Root canal metaphor story.
  243. Need a solution "in the collective"
  244. Our journey, kinship with all life. Starstuff.
  245. Stalled at nationhood - Swimme, progression story.
  246. New definition of sanity and action: paying attention, having conversations, sharing, forever redesigning the new paradigm together, forever.
  247. New literacy: learn, test, discard, relearn, repeat.
  248. Test for truth is experience.
  249. Faith: willingness to test the nobler hypothesis.
  250. Network, connect, be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi story of eating candy.