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Introduction to LoveShift Videos

Welcome to LoveShift.

Throughout history, people have used ideas as their maps, to see their way forward.

Now, at this moment in time, it is even more important that we think "outside the box" and find creative solutions to the many challenges we face.

To that end, the people at LoveShift have produced videos, extending and expanding our level of concern.

Some have themes which are obvious. Others are unique and thought-provoking.

The key is to watch these media, ponder their meaning, and then SHARE the content with your contacts and friends.


By selecting the text to the right of any of the videos, and pasting it into a private email that you send.

Or, more effectively, by forwarding the whole email to others you know. You can also just send a link to the LoveShift website. www.loveshift.com. We may not understand exactly what to do in order to survive. What we DO know is that, when more people think about an idea, it gains inertia and momentum. 

And, when people share their thinking, that momentum becomes complex and accelerates.

Want to make the world a better place?

Take time to view these videos, and then add your voice, by sharing.


Working together, we CAN make a difference. P. S. You don't have to restrict your sharing to those you already know. Political leaders, corporate executives, website producers and non-profits, ALL, usually, have email addresses online. Find your congressional Representative. Send that person a message. Or forward this email to them with a note. The more we share, the better the world can become.

Thank You!