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Less about Trump - More about Life

Trump this, Trump that. It is our planet, and the emergence of a functioning global community, which is needful. We reside on a beautiful blue-green water planet we call Earth. It orbits a common star, the sun. And this resides within a vast spiral galaxy we have named the Milky Way, which exists within an ever-expanding multiform emerging energy event we call the Universe. That's where all this drama unfolds. That's where we are. That is our context. That is our home. That is our "nation." The design and trajectory of THAT runs the show.

So, while we spin in circles, nipping at our tail, I suggest we step back from Trump for some useful perspective. If Earth fails, our country is a gonner. If the climate is not managed successfully, we're toast. And if the nuclear threat is not controlled through relationship-based initiatives, say goodbye to your children and grandchildren.

Please, those who write so brilliantly in the New York Times and elsewhere. Start every day with new thinking. Try to see with "new eyes." Be open. And, for God's sake, get your mind - and your pens, on to loftier themes. We all need each other. Trump is just one cog in the larger machine of humanity. Think BIGGER. WAY BIGGER. Further out. More inclusive. More authentic and more responsible. Further into the future. 100 years. 500 years. A thousand years. Way out.

More whole. More perpetual. More about a culture that works for the benefit of all life. And, please, less about Donald Trump.