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love-shifting gears from low to high

by Richard

If God the infinite, is infinite love, then, according to people like Duane Elgin in his book, THE LIVING UNIVERSE, we are only in about third gear using a transmission that has thousands of gears (Duane asserts that there are thousands of dimensions of reality, and that we are only using the first three).

The universe may be wired like an automatic transmission, the gears keep shifting upward if conditions allow, unless something happens to prevent the up-shift.

Humanity is now at a critical point, will we fulfill the conditions for an "upshift?" Or, will we terminate?

I am hoping for a "love-shift!"

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Oct 20, 2010
Shift is the operative word
by: John

I agree that we are at a critical "tipping point," Richard. And, it is interesting how often we see the word "SHIFT" in the media.

Maybe shift is the new survival meme???

What other metaphores can we think of where a radical shift, rather than a repair, has worked.

Maybe we could say, "Replace" or die. Words are very powerful.


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