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Normalization is the Problem

by Dr. John Burch
(Mountain View, Ca, USA)

Posted to the New York Times on December 5, 2016


"We cannot allow Mr. Trump to normalize the idea that he is the ultimate arbiter of our rights."

Dear Evan,

We have normalized the nuclear threat. We have normalized genocide, torture, Syria, water, pollution, human trafficking, world hunger, species extinction, poverty and, of course, climate change. We're back to talking about winning WWIII. We have yet to replace nationalism with global patriotism. We have even normalized the disappearance of the honeybees!

And we think we can colonize Mars to fix all this.

It's the normalizing, and indifference, being done by us, in the collective, daily, globally, that we need to change. Not Trump.

He won. Get over it!

Dr. John Burch

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