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Opportunity Capital

Opportunity Capital

Opportunity capital is the finite amount of chances we have to save ourselves here on earth. 

We cannot "spend" our opportunities recklessly if we want to survive.

Each day, and each decision, shall need to be a wise "investment" of our chances.

Each person - all of us - shall need to become as wise and loving as the system that produced us.

The moment is now.

The opportunities to rescue our beautiful planet - and our humanity - are limited.

We need to manage ourselves, and our "opportunity capital" with long-term thinking, and an expanded level of concern.

The time for global patriotism has arrived.

The climate crisis is upon us.

We MUST decide, NOW, to do what is right.

We need to emerge a global community with a culture that works for the benefit of all life.

Tomorrow will take care of itself if we act wisely today.


Working together we can make a difference.

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