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Space Genocide

by John
(Mountain View, CA)

Here is a recent post, from the Internet:

"Forty-five years ago today, Eagle blasted free of its bottom-half launch platform. Neil watched as transparent flames from the ascent rocket ripped into the moon. Gold foil tore away from the landing stage, showering bits and pieces outward in all directions, and he saw the American flag they'd labored to raise whipped back and forth by their ascent engines' thrust — until it toppled to rest in lunar soil.

Eagle's ascent rocket burned perfectly. For nearly two trips around the moon, Eagle chased Columbia. The two moonwalkers caught their ride home as planned. All three astronauts were full of laughter and happiness, and Neil and Buzz transferred their lunar booty into the command ship. Then, when it came time to fire Apollo 11's big service propulsion system to head home, it all went by the book.

Three days later they were riding three beautiful main parachutes down to a safe landing on the Pacific. They had fulfilled President John Kennedy’s call to land on the moon before the decade was out, and return safely to the Earth. But even more important, they had proven we could visit a place beyond our home planet. That's a know-how humans must develop fully if we are to survive."


Are we REALLY thinking that, the way to survival, is to leave Earth and colonize the moon? Or, even worse, Mars?

Who is imagining this? What elite group would be these new pioneers? Can we afford to do this? And, what will become of those of us left behind?

Carl Sagan once said, "Like it or not, for the moment, Earth is where we make our stand."

I propose that anyone who suggests that the way for us to "survive" is to leave Earth and develop an new society on the moon, or Mars, is committing a profoundly unethical act. And, how is this not an elite form of genocide???

Thank about it: If we can't work it out here, where we have water, air, roads, electricity, the Internet, food and fertile soil... how are going to work it out where none of these exist? It's nuts!

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Apr 15, 2015
Thanks, Steven
by: John

Not only is our thinking messed up, but it is worsening. Now I find out that NASA has a "flying-saucer" shaped craft in the works, where the heat shield makes the vehicle look like a flying saucer. You can't make this nonsense up!

Next thing will be some war of the worlds preparation with Martians, or something.

We humans, and especially Americans, take our fairy tails too literally. Just because Jules Verne and other writers made up science fiction, does not make it good science fact.

Apr 15, 2015
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by: Steven N. Ray

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Jul 21, 2014
Space Case
by: John

Here are a few other reasons why colonizing Mars, or the moon, is a stupid idea.

Humanity stands on the brink of self-extinction, with our global institutions falling apart right before our eyes, and our children's and grandchildren's and future grandchildren's lives hanging in the balance, now, and thoughtful people think that by running away to another planet, or the moon, we will somehow solve our problems. What's to become of those of us left behind? What sort of lifestyle would these elite few have when they get there?

And who would get to be the lucky ones to live where there is no water, no air, no roads, no hospitals, no airplanes, no automobiles, no bikes, no beaches, no birds, no animals, no insects, no rivers, no streams, no fish, no trees, no flowers, no plants, no ferns, no leaves, no warm breezes and no waterfalls or any of the 8.5 billion other lovely species and things that make up the diverse, gorgeous ecosystem upon which we thrive? The richness of our existence depends on hundreds - maybe thousands of nuances which would all be totally absent in a space community. No thunder, no rain, no rainbows and no forests. And no seasons to add a little variety to life.

It would make prison seem like a weekend holiday cruise.

Swimming, out. Running on trails or at the beach, out. Surfing out. Skiing out. Sailing out. Camping out. Rock climbing and hiking out. Sand volleyball out. Skydiving really out. Sunbathing out. Romantic dinners at open-air cafe's - out. Beautiful sunsets - forget it. Music, theater, opera, clubs - all gone. Dancing, singing, the Olympics, soccer, football, tennis, fishing, golf - all gone. No meadows, no ponds, no picnics, no swamps, no estuaries. No grasslands. No oceans. No ANYTHING that people cherish and love.

Travel? Sightseeing? University life? Church? All totally gone.

Basically, no life, no spirit and no fun!

Humans thrive on much more than just artificial air, fake food, filtered water, and piped-in music. No one will be better off. Not those who go, nor those of us left behind. Even if it were technologically possible, it would be an emotional disaster! Not to mention the cost of trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars that we don't have to spend.

For my money, our scientists and engineers are letting us down with ANY dialogue or planning about how to colonize other worlds. Every single one of the elements of our social existence that makes life rich and meaningful and worthwhile and joyful would be absent. Would anyone what to go, or send their children to go, to be part of this psychological nightmare? I wouldn't.

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