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Stop President Trump from Starting a Nuclear War

Right now, Donald Trump has unrestricted power to launch thousands of nuclear weapons at will. But if we act quickly, we can legally tie his hands and make it impossible for him to launch a single nuclear weapon on his own -  before it’s too late!

Only Congress has the power to declare war.

Yet under the current system, the President has totally unchecked authority to use the thousands of nuclear weapons, a process that could take  less than 5 minutes!! It’s up to Trump and Trump alone!

We can change that... Two brave Congresspeople have proposed urgent legislation.  “Restricting the First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act" H.R. 669 to stop President Trump from being able send the nukes at all.

Global Zero and Daily Kos are partnering on a petition to Congress in support of this legislation.

Find and sign this petition, (see form to the right, on this page) and call on Congress to keep us safe!


Working together we CAN make a difference!

P. S. Want to do more? Write a letter directly to your representatives in Congress. Share with them your concerns about President Trump. Ask them to pass H.R. 669 They say one letter represents the thinking of 1000 people. You could even meet with friends and have a letter writing party. Or just have coffee with one friend and get your letters done together.

Do it today!

Tomorrow may never come!!

Stop Trump from Starting a Nuclear War!