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The importance of education and women

by PJ

If we don't give priority to the education that children deserve right through high school, this country is doomed. Mentors are needed catching kids before they walk over that line and showing them real ways to succeed in life that don't always mean money, violence, power and visible success. Show them by example every single day that guns, sex and money are not the ultimate to feel good about yourself. It has to be constant, not just a 45 min. class once a week.

If woman, who do not start war or gangs in almost anyplace in our world, would get over their fear of being leaders, not good enough attitude which is still very present, it just might happen. Where are the woman? These women would become better mother's and guide their children with a dream instead of how to avoid the fear.

There are so many risking their lives and reputations, but rarely do you see them on the news. Men still are respected so much more. Hillary, last night, proves that point in what used to be considered the greatest country on earth.

Yes, people are still risking their lives coming over our borders to escape horrible conditions in their own country, but look what they face. Pretty tough unless you have nerves of steel. Then sometimes some manage to endure and sneak through those skinny little cracks and somehow endure extreme hardships, mental and physical, and find the way to push through that door of steel. They are easy to recognize.

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Jun 12, 2014
I agree, PJ
by: John

I agree that our culture needs to shift regarding the importance of education and role and value of women. Perhaps Hillary Clinton is the key... especially as she begins to imagine herself as both President and grandmother.

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