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The Power of Natural Attraction Ecology: How to Benefit from the Restorative Miracles of Nature that We Learn to Disregard.

by Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.
(San Juan Island, Friday Harbor, WA )

From personal experiences that I have described in my peer-reviewed books, articles and interview in the Journal of Ecopsychology, in this article (http://www.ecopsych.com/journalessence.html) I share the sensory art of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE), a key, accredited science that my 82 year life work has established. NAE is a nature-connected educating, counseling and healing tool with astonishing benefits. It makes a significant contribution because in our excessively indoor lives our natural senses and sensibilities are suffocated like "fish out of the water" which our warped thinking recognizes as "normal." This unbalances our psyche, creates mental illness and prevents us from building sensible relationships. To remedy this destructive separation, NAE empowers our thoughts and feelings to create trustable moments that let genuine sensory contact with Earth teach us what our mind and spiritual health needs to know. The hands-on methods and materials of NAE enable our psyche to genuinely tap into its authentic origins in the natural world, backyard or backcountry. Doing this provides a safe playground for the purifying and self-correcting powers of nature to help us remedy our personal, social and environmental disorders. It is reasonable because nature alone is the fountainhead of authority about how nature works.

See http://www.ecopsych.com/journalessence.html

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