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The Power of Thought

by John Burch
(Mountain View, CA)

There are a lot of waves, particles and energy fields which exist and are invisible to our five senses. Apparently, a trillion nutrinos pass through our bodies every second and we don't even notice! Radio waves, gravity "waves" -- all kinds of energy fields are all happening all around us.

So maybe we need to give more importance to "thought waves", or thinking in general, as a potent force in the creation of reality. Just because we cannot see thinking, and its interactive effect on the minds of others does not mean it's influence is not there.

Julia Assante, in her new book, "The Last Frontier" makes a convincing argument that communication with the deceased, and experiencing their psychic fields, is very common and normal. If this is true, then I wonder how much more emphasis needs to be placed on the power of thought, and the effect our minds have on each other.

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I think this is right on!
by: Larry

This post is very relevant. As we watch videos and read content on this site, we send thought waves into the environment.

It has been shown that children who watch violent films are more likely to harm others.Conversely, those who watch nicer movies behave more kindly.

Here is an opportunity to think differently, and to create some benevolent energy for the world.


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