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War is Obsolete

by John
(Mountain View, CA)

From the NY Times:

"As White House officials weighed the possibility of military assistance, the United States sent an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, positioning it closer to Iraq.

The Iraqi authorities used the breather to recruit citizens to reinforce the country’s beleaguered military, while worried Baghdad residents began to stockpile essentials, sending prices skyrocketing on Saturday, the end of the Iraqi weekend. Cooking gas quadrupled in price, to about $20 on Saturday from about $5 on Thursday for a 35-pound container. The dollar, normally stable here, spiked about 5 percent overnight. And the price of potatoes increased sixfold, to about $4.50 a pound.

On the streets of Baghdad, there was a sense of suspended animation, with people poised and waiting for something to happen. “Everyone is on high alert, but nothing has happened,” said a teacher named Mustafa, who declined to give his last name. “You can see, everyone is safely walking the streets.”


When are we going to stop talking about, thinking about and accepting the military solution? It doesn't work. It is over!!! It is obsolete, and has been since the end of World War II..............

Our universe is intolerant of any planet that uses war to resolve conflict.


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