Take the Thirty Day Challenge

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Visit Love Shift every day for 30 consecutive days, AND -> share your experience with at least one new person each day. When you do, take time to describe your experience, and then ask THEM to take the 30 day challenge too!

Why LoveShift?

What is a love shift? Go Here.

If you need ideas how to connect with other people, Go Here.

Why me? Why now? Click Here

Need a little motivation? Watch the videos here, here or here.

Need more inspiration? Watch this...

Here's what you need to do:

1. Watch a video - any video. Or read an article on this site.

2. Take time to ponder its message. Let it touch your heart. Maybe write about it, or take a walk and think about what it is trying to say.

3. Have a conversation that matters. Share your thoughts with at least one other person. Use email to do this, have a conversation in person, or use any other means you prefer.

4. Invite others to visit the LoveShift Web site and ask them to follow these same Four Steps to the Conscious Evolution of Culture.