A "Five" is a person who has fulfilled the first four levels of evolution and has now added a fifth dimension to their consciousness. What does this mean? Here is the meme explained:

Everything in the universe exists at various levels.

  1. Level One. Rocks are "inanimate" and exist at level one - the physical. We humans also have this physics, our carbon atoms, etc.

  2. Level Two. On top of the physical (and not discarding it) is the biological - "life." Cells, insects, fish, worms, mammals, and humans. The whole Biosphere.

  3. Level Three Onto this is grafted "conscious life" - sentient beings. That's us!! And, maybe some other animals, such as whales, monkeys, and dogs. But, here we are mostly referring to Homo Sapiens.

  4. Level Four Now, above this is a meta-consciousness which is truly unique to humans. This is the use of consciousness to look at, understand, and perhaps attempt to change consciousness itself. Religion falls into this category. Learning how to love the Earth is another example. You might call these beings Homo sapiens sapiens.

  5. Is there an additional level, including the previous four, but still more? The answer is, Yes!" Level Five.

Level Five

What characterizes a five? Fives think, see and act from the perspective of the whole. It's a paradigm shift, out and above ego-centricity and self-importance, to care for the entire living system. The individual self still exists, but it is now seen in it's proper perspective relative to the whole. The shift of a Five is an entirely new identity - a radically new level of concern. Relationships are different after the shift, which is both subtle and profound. This is what is meant by Love Shift.

Fives work for the benefit of all life. They work with others to discover how to love in every situation. They make love their prevailing function. And they take personal responsibility for their effect on the whole living system...because, at the most fundamental level, they are one with it. They personally affirm All is One.

It is the premise of this Web site that, if we want to survive as a species, we need a creative minority (5-7%, about 500 million people) of Fives.


At the core of level Five is a shift in identity. What does this mean? Identity is what a person thinks of themselves... who they say they are. When this is contracted, the chance for wholeness is diminished or even eliminated.

So what makes for a Five's identity?

* Affirmation of a power greater than the self.
* Willingness to discover how to love in every situation.
* Willingness to acknowledge, surrender and learn from all resistance.
* Working alone and with others to emerge a culture that benefits all life.


If identity is the foundation of the shift, and culture is the outcome, relationship is how it is done. The entire Universe is glued together by relationship.

Some of that glue is gravity, some is light, and some is time. And there are many other energies that cause the system to emerge complex forms.

For us, the way we work in agreement with the design of the Universe is relationship.

Relationship for a Five matters most. It are sacred.


Why is the emergence of level Five important? It is the best way - maybe the only way - to change culture. Level four, the meta-consciousness level, tends to focus on problems (such as global warming) and tries to "fix" them. This is needed, and good. But, as these problems go away, new ones replace them. This is what is meant by the term Tucas - Temporary Unwanted Condition Abatement Solutions. Necessary, but not sufficient.

The Five takes on a larger level of concern - the level of identiy. The individual is themselves different. Their shift is at a personal and fundamental level. As they change, the culture changes.

Level four is about issues, situations and unwanted conditions.

Level five is about identity, relationship and culture.

Love Shift