New Emerging Groups

Evolutionary Spirituality [audios]

Over 200 Additional Groups (Adopted from

  • 2020 Fund
       2020 Fund

  • 22/7 Company
       22/7 Company

  • 24 Peaces
       24 Peaces

  • 3 Degrees of Connection
       3 Degrees of Connection

  • 4Girls GLocal Leadership
       4Girls GLocal Leadership

  • A Time For Us
       A Time For Us

  • A Very Beautiful Place
       A Very Beautiful Place

  • Act Globally, Think Universally, Inc.
       Act Globally, Think Universally, Inc.

  • Adopt a Palm Project
       Adopt a Palm Project

  • Align, LLC
       Align, LLC

  • Alliance for Sustainable Wellbeing
       Alliance for Sustainable Wellbeing

  • Alliance for the Earth
       Alliance for the Earth

  • All-Win Network
       All-Win Network

  • Amazon Watch
       Amazon Watch

  • Ampere Art
       Ampere Art

  • APECA, Inc/APECA in Peru
       APECA, Inc/APECA in Peru

  • AppleSeed Permaculture
       AppleSeed Permaculture

  • Arms Against War
       Arms Against War

  • Asociacion Civil por la Conciencia
       Asociacion Civil por la Conciencia

  • Association of Global New Thought
       Association of Global New Thought

  • Association of Sustainability Practitioners
       Association of Sustainability Practitioners

  • Athanor Arts - a Haven for the Creative Spirit
       Athanor Arts - a Haven for the Creative Spirit

  • Audacious Leadership
       Audacious Leadership

  • Awakening the Dreamer
       Awakening the Dreamer

  • Bainbridge Leadership Center
       Bainbridge Leadership Center

  • Bali Institute for Global Renewal
       Bali Institute for Global Renewal

  • Be the Change
       Be the Change

  • Be The Change (Australia)
       Be The Change (Australia)

  • Berlin Sessions
       Berlin Sessions

  • BEST Futures
       BEST Futures

  • Better World Cameroon
       Better World Cameroon

  • Bike the Earth 2010-2012, Earth Partners Foundation
       Bike the Earth 2010-2012, Earth Partners Foundation

  • Biomimicry Institute
       Biomimicry Institute

  • Black Box Voting
       Black Box Voting

  • Blanchard Consulting Group LLC
       Blanchard Consulting Group LLC

  • Blog Inteligencia Brasil
       Blog Inteligencia Brasil

  • Blue Ocean Preservation Society
       Blue Ocean Preservation Society

  • Blue Planet Village
       Blue Planet Village

  • BM31

  • Bolder Giving in Extraordinary Times
       Bolder Giving in Extraordinary Times

  • Bonner Center for Service & Learning, Oberlin College
       Bonner Center for Service & Learning, Oberlin College

  • Boulder Center for Conscious Living
       Boulder Center for Conscious Living

  • Business Nonprofit CONNECTIONS, Inc.
       Business Nonprofit CONNECTIONS, Inc.

  • Callahan Academy GmbH
       Callahan Academy GmbH

  • Cambium Consulting
       Cambium Consulting

  • Cascadia Consulting Svcs
       Cascadia Consulting Svcs

  • Center for Human Emergence NL
       Center for Human Emergence NL

  • Center for Mind-Body Medicine
       Center for Mind-Body Medicine

  • Center for Partnership Studies
       Center for Partnership Studies

  • Center for Visionary Leadership
       Center for Visionary Leadership

  • Centro de Pesquisa em Arquitetura da Informa√ß√£o
       Centro de Pesquisa em Arquitetura da Informa√ß√£o

  • ChangeForum Ltd
       ChangeForum Ltd

  • China Boot Camp
       China Boot Camp

  • ChoicePoint Consulting, Inc.
       ChoicePoint Consulting, Inc.

  • Climate Healers
       Climate Healers

  • CO2-monitor AG
       CO2-monitor AG

  • Cognitive Policy Works
       Cognitive Policy Works

  • Co-Intelligence Institute
       Co-Intelligence Institute

  • Collective Offerings
       Collective Offerings

  • Common Circle Education
       Common Circle Education

  • Community Initiatives
       Community Initiatives

  • Consciousness Cruises, Inc.
       Consciousness Cruises, Inc.

  • Conseil Regional de l'environnement
       Conseil Regional de l'environnement

  • Converge

  • Cool Communities
       Cool Communities

  • Coordinate4u


  • CORE

  • Cork Tree Consulting
       Cork Tree Consulting

  • Council of Canadians
       Council of Canadians

  • Creating the New World, Inc.
       Creating the New World, Inc.

  • Creative Edge Focusing
       Creative Edge Focusing

  • Creditors in Commerce
       Creditors in Commerce

  • crisis coalition
       crisis coalition

  • Cultural Survival
       Cultural Survival

  • Culture of Peace Initiative
       Culture of Peace Initiative

  • Dark Ally Designs
       Dark Ally Designs

  • Delphin-expeditionen

  • Design Ecology
       Design Ecology

  • Destiny Training Systems
       Destiny Training Systems

  • Doers Group
       Doers Group

  • Doers Knowledge Group
       Doers Knowledge Group

  • Dossier Consultoria
       Dossier Consultoria

  • Double Happiness LLC
       Double Happiness LLC

  • Dream Change
       Dream Change


  • Earth Intelligence Network
       Earth Intelligence Network

  • Earth Policy Institute
       Earth Policy Institute

  • Earth Rainbow Network
       Earth Rainbow Network

  • Earth Rainbow Network
       Earth Rainbow Network

  • EarthAction

  • Eco Power Hedge
       Eco Power Hedge

  • ECO2SYS Australia
       ECO2SYS Australia

  • EcoBuild Inc.
       EcoBuild Inc.

  • Eden Reforestation Projects
       Eden Reforestation Projects

  • Elipsis Consulting & Coaching
       Elipsis Consulting & Coaching

  • Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
       Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

  • Emko International LLC
       Emko International LLC

  • Empowering Women of Nepal
       Empowering Women of Nepal

  • Energy Action Coalition
       Energy Action Coalition

  • Environmental Cleanup Coalition
       Environmental Cleanup Coalition

  • erdwaerme-suedwest


  • Events for Change
       Events for Change

  • Evolutionary Ventures
       Evolutionary Ventures

  • Excellerated Business Schools¬Æ/Money and You¬Æ
       Excellerated Business Schools¬Æ/Money and You¬Æ

  • Faehallows School of Magic
       Faehallows School of Magic

  • Farmland LP
       Farmland LP

  • Feeding People with Love
       Feeding People with Love

  • FeelGood World
       FeelGood World

  • Fenix International
       Fenix International

  • First Peoples Worldwide
       First Peoples Worldwide

  • Food Not Bombs Asheville
       Food Not Bombs Asheville

  • ForTheGrandChildren

  • Foundation for Conscious Evolution
       Foundation for Conscious Evolution

  • Four Bridges Project
       Four Bridges Project

  • Free the Children
       Free the Children

  • Friends of the Earth US
       Friends of the Earth US

  • Fundacion Pachamama
       Fundacion Pachamama

  • Gaia University
       Gaia University

  • Gaiasoft

  • GanForHire

  • Gasoline Alley Foundation
       Gasoline Alley Foundation

  • Generation Waking Up
       Generation Waking Up

  • Gethesemane Scholarship Institution of Fond Des Blancs, Haiti
       Gethesemane Scholarship Institution of Fond Des Blancs, Haiti

  • Give Peace a Deadline
       Give Peace a Deadline

  • Give US Your Poor
       Give US Your Poor

  • Global Action for Children
       Global Action for Children

  • Global Action Plan
       Global Action Plan

  • Global Alliance for Transformation Media
       Global Alliance for Transformation Media

  • Global Citizen Journey
       Global Citizen Journey

  • Global Coherence Initiative/Institute of Heartmath
       Global Coherence Initiative/Institute of Heartmath

  • Global Collaborators' Alliance
       Global Collaborators' Alliance

  • Global Community Africa Limited
       Global Community Africa Limited

  • Global Council of Spiritual Teachers
       Global Council of Spiritual Teachers

  • Global Ecovillage Network
       Global Ecovillage Network

  • Global Energy Network Institute
       Global Energy Network Institute

  • Global Family
       Global Family

  • Global Force for Healing
       Global Force for Healing

  • Global Life Foundation
       Global Life Foundation

  • Global Oneness Project
       Global Oneness Project

  • Global Security Institute
       Global Security Institute

  • Global Sufficiency Network
       Global Sufficiency Network

  • Global Village Commons, Inc.
       Global Village Commons, Inc.

  • Global Women's International Network
       Global Women's International Network

  • Global Zen Sustainability & Leadership Consulting
       Global Zen Sustainability & Leadership Consulting

  • Globalkey

  • Golden Flower Tai Chi Association International
       Golden Flower Tai Chi Association International

  • Good Capital
       Good Capital

  • Good Chemistry
       Good Chemistry

  • Green Action
       Green Action

  • Green Amherst Project
       Green Amherst Project

  • Green Team
       Green Team

  • Green World Campaign
       Green World Campaign

  • Greencodeproject

  • greenfire

  • Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products
       Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products

  • Gyre Project
       Gyre Project

  • Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia
       Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia

  • Heartland Inc.
       Heartland Inc.

  • Hepburn Relocalisation Network
       Hepburn Relocalisation Network

  • High Stakes Foundation
       High Stakes Foundation

  • Hoellbachhof Foundation
       Hoellbachhof Foundation

  • Holy Rascals
       Holy Rascals

  • Hummingbird Living School
       Hummingbird Living School

  • IceStone LLC
       IceStone LLC

  • Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics
       Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics

  • Infinite Solutions
       Infinite Solutions

  • Institute for Peacebuilding
       Institute for Peacebuilding

  • Institute of Noetic Sciences
       Institute of Noetic Sciences

  • Instituto Arca Verde
       Instituto Arca Verde

  • Instituto Peabiru
       Instituto Peabiru

  • Integral Deep Listening
       Integral Deep Listening

  • International Forum on Globalization
       International Forum on Globalization

  • International Simultaneous Policy Organisation
       International Simultaneous Policy Organisation

  • International Social Action Film Festival
       International Social Action Film Festival

  • Interspirit Foundation
       Interspirit Foundation

  • IONS ~ LA (Institute of Noetic Sciences ~ Los Angeles)
       IONS ~ LA (Institute of Noetic Sciences ~ Los Angeles)

  • JMJ Associates
       JMJ Associates

  • Joel Martin
       Joel Martin

  • Kakariki Environment Club (University of Canterbury)
       Kakariki Environment Club (University of Canterbury)

  • Ken Coscia Training International
       Ken Coscia Training International

  • Kids vs Global Warming
       Kids vs Global Warming

  • KIND

  • Kosmos Journal
       Kosmos Journal

  • KPMB Architects
       KPMB Architects

  • Laura Lewin
       Laura Lewin

  • Leading Technologies Group
       Leading Technologies Group

  • Liberal Democrats (UK)
       Liberal Democrats (UK)

  • Liberty Tree Foundation
       Liberty Tree Foundation

  • Life Quality Enhacement Organization
       Life Quality Enhacement Organization

  • LifeCoaching Corporation
       LifeCoaching Corporation

  • Living Compassion
       Living Compassion

  • LookOut Futuring Services
       LookOut Futuring Services

  • lucheins23

  • MallorcaGoesGreen

  • Mapping Freedom Project
       Mapping Freedom Project


  • Marianist Social Justice Collaborative
       Marianist Social Justice Collaborative

  • Marilyn Levin Consulting
       Marilyn Levin Consulting

  • Matrix Leadership Institute
       Matrix Leadership Institute

  • MediaOne

  • Mediation at Work Ltd
       Mediation at Work Ltd

  • Melodeego

  • META (Media, Entertainment, Technology, Arts) Association
       META (Media, Entertainment, Technology, Arts) Association

  • Mexworks SA de CV
       Mexworks SA de CV

  • MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
       MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

  • Monastery of St.Clare
       Monastery of St.Clare

  • Mothers Acting Up
       Mothers Acting Up

  • Native Sun
       Native Sun

  • Natural Health Consultants Institute
       Natural Health Consultants Institute

  • Netherlands 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign
       Netherlands 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign

  • Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility United Church of Christ
       Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility United Church of Christ

  • New Era Consulting
       New Era Consulting

  • NextNow Collaboratory
       NextNow Collaboratory

  • NextNow Network
       NextNow Network

  • Nodo Espiral de la Academia de PermaCultura
       Nodo Espiral de la Academia de PermaCultura

  • North Bay New Energy Group
       North Bay New Energy Group

  • Nourish America
       Nourish America

  • np consultant
       np consultant

  • Ocean Revolution
       Ocean Revolution

  • One Degree Media & Entertainment
       One Degree Media & Entertainment

  • One Love Puja Circle
       One Love Puja Circle

  • Onearth

  • Open World Foundation
       Open World Foundation

  • OpenKollab

  • Organizations:

  • Orion Initiatives
       Orion Initiatives

  • Otherworld Food Co-op
       Otherworld Food Co-op

  • Our Lady's Missionaries
       Our Lady's Missionaries

  • P:5Y - Peace in Five Years
       P:5Y - Peace in Five Years

  • p2p2020

  • Pathways to Peace
       Pathways to Peace

  • Peace Ambassadors Pakistan
       Peace Ambassadors Pakistan

  • Peace Pebbles
       Peace Pebbles

  • PeerSpirit

  • Penny On
       Penny On

  • People for CHANGE
       People for CHANGE

  • People-Centered Development Forum
       People-Centered Development Forum

  • Permaculture Association (Britain)
       Permaculture Association (Britain)

  • Pessimists Beware
       Pessimists Beware

  • Planet Positive
       Planet Positive

  • Positively Green
       Positively Green

  • Possibilica

  • ProAction Development Community Interest Company
       ProAction Development Community Interest Company

  • Progressio Foundation
       Progressio Foundation

  • Project Advantage
       Project Advantage

  • Project Bandaloop
       Project Bandaloop

  • Project Heaven on Earth
       Project Heaven on Earth

  • Public News Service
       Public News Service

  • Pure Project
       Pure Project

  • Quantum Jump
       Quantum Jump

  • Quinnehtukqut Pachamamas, CT ATD Community Group
       Quinnehtukqut Pachamamas, CT ATD Community Group

  • Radical Relocalization
       Radical Relocalization

  • Rainforest Action Network - RAN
       Rainforest Action Network - RAN

  • Rainforest ECO
       Rainforest ECO

  • Rainforest International
       Rainforest International

  • Realize!

  • Renaissance 2
       Renaissance 2

  • Renesch Advisory Services
       Renesch Advisory Services

  • Rensing Center
       Rensing Center

  • Resilient Civilization
       Resilient Civilization

  • Revolution Y.E.S. (stands for youth engaged in service)
       Revolution Y.E.S. (stands for youth engaged in service)

  • Rising Tide North America (Bay Area)
       Rising Tide North America (Bay Area)

  • Rite of Passage Journeys
       Rite of Passage Journeys

  • River's Edge A Place for Reflection and Action
       River's Edge A Place for Reflection and Action

  • SacIONS

  • Sacred Passage & The Way of Nature
       Sacred Passage & The Way of Nature

  • Sage Alliance Partners
       Sage Alliance Partners

  • sahara forest
       sahara forest

  • scentmark

  • Schumacher Society
       Schumacher Society

  • Scientific and Medical Network
       Scientific and Medical Network

  • Seven Generations
       Seven Generations

  • Seven Stones Leadership Group
       Seven Stones Leadership Group

  • Shaping Tomorrow
       Shaping Tomorrow

  • Shaping Tomorrow Foresight Network
       Shaping Tomorrow Foresight Network

  • Shelters International, LLC
       Shelters International, LLC

  • Siebenstern Transformation
       Siebenstern Transformation

  • Sierra Club
       Sierra Club

  • SingPeace! Earth Pilgrimage for Peace & Global Harmony
       SingPeace! Earth Pilgrimage for Peace & Global Harmony

  • Soft Sell Marketing, Inc
       Soft Sell Marketing, Inc

  • Solar Richmond
       Solar Richmond

  • SolarVillage

  • Soul of Money Institute
       Soul of Money Institute

  • Spirit House Center For Attitudinal Healing
       Spirit House Center For Attitudinal Healing

  • Spirit in Matters
       Spirit in Matters

  • Starr Consulting Group
       Starr Consulting Group

  • State of the World Forum
       State of the World Forum

  • Storylines, LLC - A Creative Holding Company
       Storylines, LLC - A Creative Holding Company

  • Sustainability Networker
       Sustainability Networker

  • Sustainable Development Flow Fund (The)
       Sustainable Development Flow Fund (The)

  • Sustainable Living Ottawa East
       Sustainable Living Ottawa East

  • Sustainable Living Ottawa West (SLOWest)
       Sustainable Living Ottawa West (SLOWest)

  • Sustainable World Coalition
       Sustainable World Coalition

  • Sustenance In Action
       Sustenance In Action

  • Tamera Healing Biotope 1
       Tamera Healing Biotope 1


  • Temple of the Way Of Light
       Temple of the Way Of Light

  • Teva Learning Center
       Teva Learning Center

  • The Ascent Institute
       The Ascent Institute

  • The Broad Well Learning Center and Resilience Initiative
       The Broad Well Learning Center and Resilience Initiative

  • The Camino & Planetary Changes
       The Camino & Planetary Changes

  • The Cascadia Institute
       The Cascadia Institute

  • The Centre for Sustainable Design
       The Centre for Sustainable Design

  • The Club of Budapest Canada
       The Club of Budapest Canada

  • The Connection Partners, Inc.
       The Connection Partners, Inc.

  • The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence
       The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence

  • The Healing Tao Society
       The Healing Tao Society

  • The Heritage Institute
       The Heritage Institute

  • The Pachamama Alliance
       The Pachamama Alliance

  • The Peace Alliance
       The Peace Alliance

  • The Starfish Enterprise Network
       The Starfish Enterprise Network

  • The Sufficiency Foundation
       The Sufficiency Foundation

  • The Trust for Sustainable Development
       The Trust for Sustainable Development

  • The Truth Contest
       The Truth Contest

  • The Ultimate Game of Life
       The Ultimate Game of Life

  • The Upstart Collaboratory for Collaborative Culture Design
       The Upstart Collaboratory for Collaborative Culture Design

  • The Well Foundation
       The Well Foundation

  • Thetis-Akademie

  • Thrive Consulting Group
       Thrive Consulting Group

  • Together to One - From Humanity to Human Unity
       Together to One - From Humanity to Human Unity

  • Training By Ananda
       Training By Ananda

  • Transformational Media
       Transformational Media

  • Transition Paso Robles
       Transition Paso Robles

  • Transition US
       Transition US

  • TreeUtah


  • Tune Up To Success with Freddie Ravel
       Tune Up To Success with Freddie Ravel

  • UI associates Co,ltd.
       UI associates Co,ltd.

  • United Religions Initative
       United Religions Initative

  • Unity Center of Peace
       Unity Center of Peace

  • Unity Foundation
       Unity Foundation

  • Unity on the River
       Unity on the River

  • University of Canterbury Sustainability Office
       University of Canterbury Sustainability Office

  • University of Michigan Student Sustainability Initiative (UMSSI)
       University of Michigan Student Sustainability Initiative (UMSSI)

  • Us Foundation
       Us Foundation

  • Utne Institute
       Utne Institute

  • Utopia, Inc.
       Utopia, Inc.

  • Veg Climate Alliance
       Veg Climate Alliance


  • Vibrant Pi(e)
       Vibrant Pi(e)

  • Warburton Environment
       Warburton Environment

  • Warrior Films
       Warrior Films

  • Waste Not Want Not Foundation
       Waste Not Want Not Foundation

  • Watermoon

  • We, the World
       We, the World

  • Webdesign Eifel
       Webdesign Eifel

  • Weforest

  • WeStrive

  • Whidbey Institute@Chinook
       Whidbey Institute@Chinook

  • White Raven Enterprises
       White Raven Enterprises

  • WildFutures

  • William Grover, Architect
       William Grover, Architect

  • Willis Harman House
       Willis Harman House

  • Wisconsin Partners for SustainAbility
       Wisconsin Partners for SustainAbility

  • Wisdom of the World, Inc.
       Wisdom of the World, Inc.

  • WiserEarth


  • Women's Earth Alliance
       Women's Earth Alliance

  • Wonderful World Media Network
       Wonderful World Media Network

  • Workplace Evolution
       Workplace Evolution

  • World Future Council
       World Future Council

  • World Peace Festival
       World Peace Festival

  • World Pulse
       World Pulse

  • World Stewardship Institute
       World Stewardship Institute

  • World Youth Parliament
       World Youth Parliament

  • Worldshift Alliance/Worldshift 2012
       Worldshift Alliance/Worldshift 2012

  • Yachana Foundation
       Yachana Foundation

  • YES!

  • Young Women Social Entrepreneurs
       Young Women Social Entrepreneurs

  • Your Healthy
       Your Healthy

  • Your Olive Branch
       Your Olive Branch

  • Youth Empowerment Society
       Youth Empowerment Society

  • Youth for Environmental Sanity (Y.E.S!)
       Youth for Environmental Sanity (Y.E.S!)

  • Zomppa

  • Zukunftspioniere