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40 Ways to Get Your Friends Involved

1. Email them a message.

2. Call them on the phone.

3. Talk to them in person.

4. Ask them out for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

5. Send them a handwritten note.

6. Leave a message on their desk or doorstep.

7. Connect with them on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or LinkedIn.

8. Create a team and work together for a worthy cause.

9. Refer them to a Web site with resources.

10. Buy or lend them a book.

11. Send them the link to an interesting Web site.

12. Ask them to help you do something that really matters to you!

13. Ask them for a donation to contribute to a cause you care about.

14. Ask their opinion about something.

15. Tell them what you are concerned about and have a conversation to see if they agree or disagree.

16. Do something together, such as walking or playing golf and engage them in a meaningful conversation while you are together.

17. Just tell them about what matters to you and why.

18. Go to a lecture or program together.

19. Take a drive together and talk with them about your interests.

20. Find out what they care about and give to it.

21. Talk with them at work.

22. Have a party or fundraising event.

23. Introduce them to another friend who shares your concern.

24. Meet them for a cup of coffee.

25. Invite them to a seminar or conference.

26. Share with them what you have personally done.

27. Train them how to help.

28. Cold call people from a phone list.

29. Write or record a song about your interest or cause.

30. Produce a fund-raising event, such as dance or fun run.

31. Speak at a town meeting.

32. Post flyers at colleges, coffee shops, stores.

33. Use telemarketing services.

34. Canvas your local businesses to raise awareness.

35. Offer to match donations, or get businesses to match them.

36. Go door-to-door in your neighborhood.

37. Place flyers in billing statements or coupon mailings.

38. Get children involved, maybe a contest with a prize.

39. Sponsor an essay contest.

40. Refer them to LoveShift @ https://www.loveshift.com.

12 More Ways to Spread the Word

1. Participate in a conversation group.

2. Create a blog (WordPress and Blogger are free) and write about what is on your mind. Then, include a link to LoveShift.

3. Discuss our global issues with your pharmacist, dentist, physician or minister.

4. Write your city, state and national governmental representatives and and ask for their opinions.

5. Talk with your children.

6. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

7. Speak in front of students at a school or service organization.

8. Organize a "demonstration" and pass out flyers.

9. Get on TV and radio. Radio especially needs voices to fill airtime.

10. Get promotional materials such as mugs or T-shirts printed.

11. Contribute to online forums.

12. Create a Web site and use these techniques to increase traffic:

100 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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