Five Hundred Million

To achieve a global love shift, we need 7% of the population (about 500 million people) to adopt a new, expanded identity. The "Five" has to do with the level of identiy that is required.

All life exists in various dimensions. The first level is the physical - atoms, elements, etc. We share this with rocks, trees, and other mammals. This is the physics of us, our carbon base if you will. That's level one.

Level two is our biology. Life. It has been called the "Biosphere" and it involves all our living systems, oxygen, reproduction, etc. We share this with all "living" organisms, from bacteria right on up to whales, monkeys, leopards, lizzards and ourselves.

Next, at level three, we have conscious life - homo sapiens. We are the most evolved today, although at one time we shared this distinction with the Neanderthals.

Layered onto this conscious is now, today, an emerging new level - a "meta consciousness" that extends simple consciousness. It is reflective, aware, and applies its consciousness to the evolution of consciousness itself. This new level is an emerging force in the world today. Let's call this "homo sapiens sapiens" for the time being.

Finally, there is a fifth level. This requires a total shift in identity, a trust and alignment with a higher power, a surrender of personal authority, and a movement into the deep dimensions of the spirit. Several of the great mystics have achieved this. We now need to make this shift on a grand scale, AND, to do it together.

Becoming a Five

When an individual makes this shift, we could call him or her a "Five". Becoming a five is not easy, but it is required if we are to survive. Moreover, we need 500 million (7% of the population) to become fives together. This is what is meant by the term "global community."

How shall we do this??? Good question.

The first thing we know is that it will have to involve communication, dedication, and the Internet.