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Love Shift

What is a LoveShift?

LoveShift is a radical expansion in perspective, purpose and level of concern, from ego-centricity, self-importance and self-interest, to caring for, and doing what will benefit, all life.

Individually, loveshift creates a mature, benevolent and responsible human being. Collectively, loveshift creates global community. When individuals and society expand and extend their level of concern to include the whole living system, love itself becomes the prevailing human function.

Why LoveShift?

At this moment in time, we face unprecedented danger. From hunger, war and global warming, to poverty, species extinction and the loss of honeybees, we know things are getting worse.

There are many solutions to these problems. One is to change our identity, relationship and culture. By expanding our level concern to include all life, we shift our caring out (and up) to a new dimension. From this point of view, we see differently, and thus can act more wisely.

How Will It Work?

The hypothesis of this process is that, if people will change their beliefs, values and ideas (ie, their worldview), then they can open themselves to discover more successful responses to life. When more adaptive behaviors are found and used, better outcomes will result.

This Web site is constructed mostly of video material. This was done to make it easier to see the realities of the world, and to imagine creative solutions. Hopefully, some videos will communicate to each visitor, and they will feel motivated to change the way they think (and act), and to share the site with others.

When enough people learn how to see, and care, from the perspective of the whole, Earth will be safe for our children, and life will be assured.

How to Begin

One way to get started is to watch at least one new video each week, share your thoughts and feelings with others, take a creative action, and ask at least one friend to do the same.