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As our consciousness continues to evolve, new words, phrases and ideas come into use. Here is a glossary of some of the memes currently associated with Love Shift.

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Authentic  Video  YouTube
Being authentic is normally defined as being true to one's own personality, spirit or nature. For the purposes of Love Shift, this definition is extended to mean being true to the design, purpose and wisdom of the entire living system. The implicatons of this are radical and vast. See from the perspective of the whole. Act for the benefit of all life.

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Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms within a given ecosystem. Biodiversity is a measure of the health of ecosystems. Greater biodiversity implies greater health. Biodiversity is in part a function of climate. In terrestrial habitats, tropical regions are typically rich whereas polar regions typically support fewer species.

In theoretical physics, a brane (short for membrane) is an object which can have any number of allowed dimensions. Branes are most popular for their presence in string theory, where it is a fundamental object, along with the string. String theory has 9 space dimensions, so a brane can have anywhere from 0 to 9 dimensions. Some physicists have proposed that our own universe is in fact a 3-dimensional brane on which we are "stuck" (within a larger 9-dimensional space), to explain why we can't perceive and SHIFT (love shift?) to the larger dimensions.

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Change  Etymology
Change comes from the Latin root "Cambire" which means to exchange or bartar. For a global love shift to occur, large numbers of people need to exchange their limited, self-serving identities, values and perspectives for radically expanded ones.

Collective Mysticism  Wikipedia
Collective mysticism is the experience of spiritual connection shared within a community. It causes large-scale shifts in thinking and identity, such as the end of the Cold War, or the beginning of new wars. Collective mysticism is a major resource to humankind as we work to emerge new culture.

Critical Mass  Wikipedia
Critical mass, as it relates to Earth, humanity and survival, is that amount of concurrence within the population where the system phase-shifts (see Paradigm Shift) radically from one form to another. Examples of this are the ending of the Cold War, the Holocaust (when enough soldiers exterminated Jews, all the others went along), and the phenomenon of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. It is the hypothesis of this Web site that we could percipitate a global love shift if we could get 500 million (7%) of the population to understand, live and communicate what is needed for the benefit of all life.

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Distributed Functionality
This meme suggests that, if our society and culture are to evolve, we will have to be the primary transformation agents. The system simply cannot outperform the consciousness of its constituents. Like a field of wheat, or a flock of birds, the capacities for change, thus, are distributed, and change comes from the bottom up. As Barack Obama has said, "We are the ones we're waiting for."

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Emergence  Wikipedia  Video

Emergence refers to the capacity of complex systems to produce outcomes which are greater than the sum of their parts. Emergence is synergistic and unpredictable. The Universe is a single, multi-form, emerging energy event.

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Five  More
A Five is that person who has successfully expanded their consciousness to work for the benefit of all life. Fives see from the perspective of the whole, and act without blame or ego-centricity. A Five is open, detached and committed to discovering how to love in every situation. Fives are authored by the living universe, and love its trajectory, wisdom and purpose. A perfected Five is One with the All.

Five by 500 Million  More
The idea that, if we can get 500 million people (about 7% of Earth's population) to expand their consciousness to level "five", then we could shift the entire global community.

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Here By Us Now  More
If we want to survive, it is up to us, now, here, on planet Earth, to make a difference. It won't be government, science, religion, the universities or any other institution which will come to our rescue. It is our time to change - and, as we change, to change our culture. For this to happen we need a shift in identity. We need to expand our level of concern, to take in the whole global family. We need to evolve, both individually and, collectively, as a society, to make love the prevailing human function. We need to discover how to work together with others for the benefit of all life. We need a love shift!

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Inflection Point  Wikipedia
An inflection point is that place within the dynamics of a complex system where the direction of evolution changes in a radical way. It is a time of accelerated opportunity for the emergence of new forms. At this moment in time, we are presented with a gift from the Universe - to make a fundamental shift in identity, relationship and culture. We are poised for a Love Shift!

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Love Shift  More
Love shift is a radical expansion in perspective, purpose and level of concern, from egocentricity, self-importance and self-interest, to caring for, and doing what will benefit, all life.

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Meme  More  Wikipedia
A meme is a unit of cultural information which is spread through communication and imitation within a community. Memes are important because they guide our thinking and actions - often at an unconscous level.

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Normalcy Bias   Wikipedia
Normalcy bias refers to the tendency people have, when facing a potential disaster, to minimize the danger and its possible consequences. This mental state leads to complacancy, denial and underpreparation. For the purposes of Love Shift, this matters because, when normalcy bias occurs, the pressure to expand our level of concern is not experienced fully. And, when this happens, as Albert Einstein once said, "we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe." This is not good.

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Paradigm Shift  Wikipedia
Paradigm shift refers to radical change in perspective, attitude or identity. A great example of this is the ending of the Cold War. Paradigm shifts occur more easily when a complex system reaches critical mass. They also become more likely at the inflection point in a dynamic system.

Pirc  More
Pirc stands for Permanent Identity Relationship Culture. If we are to survive, we need to couple pirc with tucas to make for a sustainable future.

Probability Costs  More
Probability costs are lost opportunities to shift our identity, relationships and culture to work more successfully for the benefit of all life.

Pronoia  Wikipedia
Pronoia is the opposite of paranoia. It is the belief that the Universe is fundamentally friendly and that the people in one's life conspire to do only good.

What to do? Think (and act) as if the Universe is a prodigious miracle created for your health, well-being and illumination. Assume that secret helpers are working behind the scenes to assist you in becoming the gorgeous masterpiece you were designed to be. Shower all of your experiences with blessings, joy, confidence and love.

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Tucas  More
Tucas are temporary unwanted condition abatement solutions. While many tucas are necessary in the short term, they must be coupled with pircs to make for a sustainable future.

Transformational Activism Transformational activism is the idea that people need to transform on the inside as well as on the outside in order to create meaningful change in the world.

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The Universe  Video
Our Universe is a single, multi-form, emerging energy event. We are all birthed into this system, and fully subject to its laws and conditions. It is the context within which we live our lives.

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