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The Master Organizing Principle of the Cosmos

The Universe we are birthed into is a single, multi-form, emerging energy event. It is drawn into Oneness, which is just another word for relationship. We are one - All is one. Everything is in relationship with, and interacting with, everything else, everywhere, all the time.

A new order, now, is emerging, which requires a total reorientation for the human. The shift is from self-interest, self-importance, nationalism and egocentricity, to creating a culture that works for the benefit of all life. It's a paradigm shift of responsibility. It's beautiful, needed and good.

As 911 proved, the only reliable resource for security in the world today is relationship. When relationships are healthy, we have nothing to fear. When relationships are unhealthy, the largest military in the world won't keep us safe.

Let's think about and meditate upon this master principle of the cosmos - Relationship. Let's talk about it in our families, businesses and groups. Let's think about air, how it is always there, and how it is shared among all living beings. And about the miracle of water. It's not just one hydrogen plus two oxygens. Rather, it is the relationship among these three atoms that make it what it is. We are in relationship with air, sunlight, water and earth. We can't live with out them. Breath by breath, we create carbon dioxide, and the trees receive it and exchange it for oxygen, which we need in order to live.

Storms are not just the sum of air, water, wind, sunlight, temperature and land. They are created by the RELATIONSHIP among these elements. Marriages, wars, sports, countries, people, galaxies - everything, including this essay, all are enabled by, and are all are examples of, relationship.

Nothing exists without relationship. The Big Bang is a relationship. Inventions, poetry, art, babies, our bodies, photosynthesis, vision, hearing, light and even sub-atomic particles ALL are produced by relationship. Generated in oneness. Of the One.

Can we see relationship around us? In flowers, insects, waterfalls, birds and the trees. Can we feel it as the breeze caresses our face? And notice it in the flow of cars on the freeway. Notice it in eye-contact, touch, a smile and dance. Can we feel a drink of water becoming one with our bodies as we drink it? Can we sense Earth holding us in our chairs, or against our feet as we are walking?

Children, sea otters, and red ants are all dancing in relationship with one another. In our Universe - our One Song. Even space and time are in relationship, as "spacetime." And energy is in relationship with matter, as Einstein expressed with his famous formula, E=mc2.

They say if you move a ballpoint pen from one side of your desk to the other this morning, that Jupiter will be on the opposite side of the Sun in 100 million years. Can the Universe exist without us. Yes, I would say it can.

Can we exist without the Universe, without time and space, without gravity, and sunlight, and energy, and life, and consciousness, and love? Without relationship?

No, we can't.

One would wonder why there isn't greater day-to-day appreciation for this master life-giving principle of the Universe.

Maybe it's time for a change...

John Burch


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