Tucas and Pirc

When we look at the world, what do we see? Health? Prosperity? Anger? Genocide? Hate? How are we doing, really?

If you ask 100 people this question, and ask them to say whether our planet and the human enterprise are healthy, sick, or critically ill, the most common response is ill.

Why? Because there are so many seemingly-insurmountable problems facing humanity today. Global warming, hunger, poverty, the threat of nuclear war, etc, etc, - the list goes on and on.

With so many large-scale problems, it would seem logical to look for solutions -- ways to "fix" the problems.

Trouble is, this is only symptomatic and temporary. In the absense of permanent, systems-level changes, there will just be more problems tomorrow, and another round of fixes.

So what are we to do? Is there a true solution to all of this?

Fortunately, the answer is, "Yes!"

Tucas and Pirc

Tucas stands for Temporary Unwanted Condition Abatement Solutions

Pirc stands for Permanent Identity Relationship Culture.


The key to our global survival involves coupling Pirc with Tucas to create a long-term solution that works for the benefit of all life.


Examples of Tucas are:

* Solar power

* Electric cars

* International treaties

* Arms reduction

* Water management

* Recycling

* Carpooling

Examples of Pirc are:

* Expanding level of concern

* Affirming a power greater than oneself

* Discovering how to love in every situation

* Living in the present, under authority, inclusively, with total responsibilty

* Forgiving one's "enemy"

* Acknowledging, surrendering and learning from resistance

* Committing to the building of a global community

* Working to consciously evolve our culture

* Making "love" our prevailing human function

* Living in a way that benefits all life.

* Using the Four Steps to the Conscious Evolution of Culture on a regular basis.