LoveShift is a radical expansion in perspective, purpose and level of concern, from ego-centricity, self-interest and self-importance, to caring for, and doing what will benefit, all life.

Individually, LoveShift creates a mature, benevolent and responsible human being. Collectively, LoveShift creates global community. When individuals and societies set aside religion, nationality and narrow self-interests, and act, consciously, with a spirit of goodwill, love becomes the prevailing human function.

Our home is a gorgeous blue-green water planet called Earth, cradled in a universe of immense, unfolding beauty. That universe is a single, multi-form, emerging, energy event, and we, along with all other creatures, are subject to it's trajectory, elegance and design.

Currently, we face unprecedented danger. From hunger, war and global warming, to poverty, species extinction and the loss of honeybees, we know things are getting worse.

Our purpose, then, is to discover, live and communicate a response to this crisis which will bring lasting, positive change. That response will need to include fundamental changes in our identity, relationships and culture, as well as symptomatic solutions to the many challenges we face.

The hypothesis of LoveShift.com, is that, if enough humans will change the way they THINK about the world, and then ACT as One, a mystical transformation will occur, similar to the ending of the Cold War, where the system will shift toward life as a whole, and, thus, individually, our survival as a species will be ensured.

Love Shift Purpose