Cultural Evolution

Culture endures – in fact, that’s part of what makes it culture; otherwise, it would be a fad or a craze.

Four Steps to the Conscious Evolution of Culture

This Web site has a definite purpose: to facilitate the evolution of a culture, at the most fundamental level, that works for the benefit of all life. One way to do this is for individuals to change their beliefs, values, and ways of thinking (and acting) about the world.

"In order for culture to evolve, individuals must evolve first."

At Love Shift, you can start this process by taking the Four Steps to Cultural Evolution:

1. Watch a video - any video. Or read an article on this site.

2. Take time to ponder its message. Let it touch your heart. Maybe write about it, or take a walk and think about what it is trying to say.

3. Have a conversation that matters. Share your thoughts with at least one other person. Use email to do this, have a conversation in person, or use any other means you prefer.

4. Invite others to visit the LoveShift Web site and ask them to follow these same Four Steps to the Conscious Evolution of Culture.

Change the Conversation

Need some creative ideas? Go here-> Creative Techniques

Use the power of Social Media to accelerate the process.

Join or work with one or more of these Earth Awareness Groups, Non-profit Organizations, Peace Groups, Children Protection Organizations, International Social Action Groups or learn how to be more energy efficient with these 800+ Alternative Energy Resources.

Donate to a worthy cause, such as Haiti, Darfur, World Hunger, or Poverty.

Create your own buzz with Network Marketing.

Work for Human Rights in the country of your choosing.

To change culture, we must experience something new, integrate its message, share our thoughts and take consistent action.

Why Do This?

If we are going to survive, we need to make a fundamental shift in the way we function. By "fundamental", we mean at the root cause of who we think we are - our identity, in our relationship with the earth, with each other and with all life, and in our culture. Imagine that you are in a room, and someone asks if you are breathing. Well, of course you are. Now, if everyone else in the room stops breathing, or can't breath -- or if there IS no one else in the room, would you still keep on breathing? You would, right? That is what a fundamental shift feels like. It's personal, vital and ongoing.

Also, if we are going to survive, the shift needs to be made SOON! Systems sometimes recover from stress, and sometimes they do not. What is important is to realize that every day that goes by makes the shift more difficult. So why wait?

Soon and Fundamental

"Soon and fundamental" - two reasons to follow the Four Steps to the Conscious Evolution of Culture every day. If we will take these steps, daily, the spread of the new culture will be accelerated. And, if that occurs, we might - just might - make it through this dangerous moment in history and be able to hand on to our children and grandchildren the planet we have always dreamed of.